Introducing City Tracker
Introducing City Tracker

Introducing City Tracker

October 30, 2023

City Ride is offering 2 different GPS tracking packages with a once off payment and no monthly installments, the first package includes an application that allows you complete control of your vehicle with an app that can remotely de-activate your vehicle and also activate again once vehicle is recovered using GPS tracking and in an instance where your vehicle is stolen with your phone you have the opportunity to borrow someone else’s phone and send an sms to your vehicle to switch off. The second package available also includes a panic button that can be connected with several devices, once this button is pushed a notification will be sent to the secondary devices giving them full access to switch off the vehicle, with this package you receive a separate remote that can de-activate the vehicle as well whether you are standing right next to the vehicle or 100 KMs apart, It also includes a voice recorder inside the vehicle recording every conversation. Both packages include accurate GPS and 5G satellite movements as well as recovery options.

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